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Our Range of Treatments

From prevention to restorative dentistry: We offer the entire range of modern dentistry to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for your entire life. Get an overview here of the types of treatments we offer.

Our Main Focuses

Prevention: Keeping teeth healthy

We detect and treat problems like tooth decay at an early stage. That way you will always be happy with your teeth.


Our preventive measures ensure the continued good health of your gums and teeth. We’ll also take special care of existing dental work and any implants or prostheses you may have. In the process, we develop customized preventive concepts for both children and adults.


We offer a huge range of dental care from orthodontics to dental Implants.


Preventative Care

Preventative care for all of our patients is a major priority of our practice. Careful attention to personal dental hygiene as well as regular 6 month cleanings lessens the need for extensive dental treatment.


Cosmetic Dentistry
From teeth whitening to tooth replacement, cosmetic dentistry can give you the beautiful smile you deserve!


General Dentistry
Recent innovations now allow us to replace old silver fillings with composite or porcelain fillings that are stronger, safer and more natural looking; however, amalgam (silver) fillings are still an option available to you.

Oral Surgery
An extraction is performed when a tooth becomes impacted and is prevented from growing into its normal position.


Dental Implants
When natural teeth are lost it is difficult to duplicate their function and appearance. Implants are an artificial replacement for missing teeth. The implants hold the artificial teeth in place as firmly as the root system holds natural teeth.


Dentures and Bridges
Full and partial dentures are designed to restore function and esthetics of the natural dentition when all or part of the natural teeth are missing.

Tooth alignment problems can often be prevented or lessened by early treatment.



The decision to place a full crown is made when a tooth is extremely decayed or fractured and cannot be reconstructed with a more conservative restoration such as a filling.


Root Canal Therapy

Provides an effective means of saving a tooth that might otherwise have to be extracted.


Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Salmon is comfortable with all phases of children's dental care, including cleanings, fillings, orthodontia, crowns and more

Treating periodontitis

Periodonitis is a serious gum disease that, untreated, can not only lead to tooth loss, but also can cause bone loss in the jaw. Learn more about periodonitis and steps you can take to prevent it. 



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